Khmer New Year — #5

I was surprised, the day after the official holidays ended, to see a lot of vans full of people returning to the provinces.  The night before thousands had made the opposite journey back to Phnom Penh.  Click here and scroll down to #5 to see the early morning departures.

Khmer New Year 2017 — #2

Before the deaf people and their families returned to their traditional villages to celebrate with their elders there, the Deaf Community Center had a celebration for all the deaf community the Sunday before the New Year exodus began.  Click here and scroll down to #2 to see the photos.

Topics: Wood #13

Cambodia’s luxury woods end up not only in more common (although unwieldy) furniture such as tables and chairs, but even the odd-shaped stumps and remnants of tree trunks have great value as they are fashioned into all sorts of art objects.  Click here to see some and then scroll down to #11.  (I think this is enough about wood for a while so I’ll move on to other topics.)