A reunion at DDP

Today four of the Salesian Sisters from their commercial training school in Tuol Kork came to visit DDP. One of the purposes of the visit was to reconnect with Phany (C), a former student who is now the new social worker at the Deaf Development Programme.

Launch of campaign to prevent violence against women

Today eleven DDP staff and members of the deaf community participated in the national launch of a campaign to protect women against violence. Here our DDP interpreter conveys the message of one of the early speakers.
Probably more than 500 persons attended the launch. There would have been more but the chairs were socially distanced because of the coronavirus. Another anti-COVID-19 measure: at the break it was interesting that the hotel did not supply the usual buffet of snacks and pastries and fruit, but instead prepared a foam box full of snacks for each individual. They were quite generous in the quantity of snacks in each box so it probably cost the organizers more than the usual reception.
After the morning-long ceremony, many of the DDP staff posed for a picture.

Starting again

Yesterday the Education Project of the Deaf Development Programme resumed its classroom teaching after the most recent suspension for a month or two.
The power went off for quite an extended period today so we moved the students outside to a porch where they were working on an illustrated version of the classroom rules they have been discussing as part of the restart.

More Goodbyes

Today at DDP we said goodbye to two of our staff, our social worker (left) and one of our houseparents. It is difficult to see good staff move on. And it is difficult to replace them!

DDP Staff Meeting #5

Today was the travel day back to Phnom Penh. It was another long trip, nine hours to do 180 miles, but that’s Cambodia. No one seemed to mind too much because it was the end of a really enjoyable trip. Click here for some photos from the return trip.