Maryknoll Immersion Trip

For the past week, Maryknoll Cambodia has hosted what we call an immersion trip, bringing a group from usually the United States and exposing them to the language and culture and people of Cambodia to help them get an idea of mission in this country.

On one of their first days in Cambodia, the group of fourteen men and women came to the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme to learn about what we are doing with the deaf people of Cambodia.
Today the group came to join Maryknoll Cambodia for a liturgy and for a dinner together, just to give everyone more chance to talk.
Most of the immersion tour group will be returning to the United States tomorrow so this was a low-key, not stressful way to spend their last evening in Cambodia.

Oops! Sorry!

Mr. Jan Frey in Germany, a long-time friend and reader of this website, sent me an e-mail noting that the link to Maryknoll Bangkok Meetings–3 (scroll down to 13 November) wasn’t working. I checked it out and found that I had prepared the page the link connects to, but had neglected to “Publish” the page after I completed it. It should be working now, Thanks, Jan!