On the Road…Kentucky

This is the record of a trip to the United States and Taiwan for Maryknoll meetings.  The first part of the USA trip was a visit to my family in Kentucky.

  • Tuesday  (October 9)—Travel: Phnom Penh to New York City
  • Wednesday (October 10)—Travel: NYC to Louisville
  • Thursday (October 11)—Kentucky
  • Friday (October 12)—Kentucky
  • Saturday (October 13)—Kentucky
  • Sunday (October 14)—Kentucky
  • Monday (October 15)—Kentucky
  • Tuesday (October 16)—Kentucky
  • Wednesday (October 17)—Travel: Louisville to New York

Much more to come….





Wow, this is the longest I have ever gone without being able to post something here on the website.  Sorry!  It’s been a combination of travel schedules, busy times when I needed to be at places here in Kentucky, and attention to work that has followed me from Cambodia that has kept me offline.  I hope tomorrow, Saturday (it’s 10:41 PM Friday night here in Kentucky as I write) will allow me to start posting about this trip.

On the Road…

I am sorry for the missed post yesterday.  I was swamped with stuff as I prepared to leave.  I’m heading to the airport in twenty minutes to go to the US for meetings.  From there I go to more meetings in Taiwan before returning to Phnom Penh on 30 October.  I arrive in New York Wednesday night and hope to be able to post then.