Two in a row

Yesterday I got home from the Holy Thursday service very late after a busy day–I never had a chance to eat supper–and I didn’t have time to post something here. Now today that pattern repeated with the Good Friday service. Sorry! I’ll be back on track on Saturday, I hope.

CACD Meeting

Today was the quarterly meeting of the Catholic Alliance for Charity and Development (CACD), the social outreach of the diocese of Phnom Penh. Representatives from all the Catholic NGOs and agencies and from the religious communities come together to discuss chosen topics and to become a better face of the church’s outreach to the people of Cambodia.

Birthday 2019

I was totally surprised–twice!—this weekend as I turned 75 years old. On Friday a group I meet with regularly came to the Maryknoll office where I live and then today, Sunday, the congregation celebrated with me after the morning mass. Click here to see wonderful celebrations with beautiful people.

A Real Surprise!

Well…. Today was my birthday and it didn’t even occur to me until I got an e-mail this morning with birthday greetings from Peg in Louisville. I assumed no one here knew it was my birthday and just went about a normal day. Someone had called yesterday to make an appointment to see me at 6:00 PM and I was waiting for her when suddenly about 35 children and adults appeared on the front porch of the Maryknoll office! They brought food and drinks and a cake and it was a total, wonderful surprise. All of the families were from our weekly prayer group and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. It was a delightful evening and thinking back, I believe it was the first birthday party I have had in 60+ years! Thank you all!