Power Cuts

My digital clock and everything else was off this afternoon as the recently started daily power cuts continued. The power cuts alternate between morning and afternoon: yesterday the electricity was off for 5.5 hours in the morning and today it was off for 5.5 hours in the afternoon, returning at 5:30 PM. The government knows better than to cut power at night when everyone is at home.

The power situation has been bad throughout the almost twenty years I have been in Cambodia. It improved a bit a few years ago when power transmission lines were erected to buy power from Vietnam. But now it is the worst it has ever been. The prime minister keeps blaming climate change and lack of rain, but that’s just to avoid owning responsibility for the power shortage. After all, he has been in power for 32 years. Either he didn’t see the power problems coming, or he did see them and didn’t plan for them. Either way it reflects rather badly on his leadership.

Notable Quotes

Forgetting God in the recipe of a solid, sacramental marriage is like ignoring or forgetting a key ingredient in a recipe – it simply doesn’t turn out as well as we expected.

Give me water…

All day long this man sells sugar cane chunks to chew and suck on. Sugar cane juice is a most popular natural drink that is squeezed on the streets by vendors pushing their carts. Confronted by sugar cane all day long, though, this man, when he really gets thirsty, pulls out a thermos of water from underneath his cart.

ANM – 4

On this last day of the ANM, we had a blessing ceremony to pray in the Buddhist and Christian traditions for protection for the students and staff of DDP and for a good learning and working environment. Click here to see some photos from the blessing ceremonies.

ANM – 1

Some of the wildlife at the new DDP office

Today we started the official sit-down meetings of the Annual Negotiations Meeting with the Finnish Association of the Deaf. Click here to see some of the day’s activity.

Farewell, Len…

Today at our Maryknoll liturgy after our weekly meeting, Sr. Len Montiel spoke about her many years here in Cambodia as she prepares to leave for a new assignment.
Sr. Len was Maryknoll Cambodia’s country representative to the Cambodian government. Here her successor, Fr. Kevin Conroy, presents a goodbye gift to Len.