Yes and No

At the farewell on Monday for three of our staff, the staff did rather well on compliance with wearing masks. The interpreter by the pole doesn’t have one so the deaf people can read her face.
The social distancing wasn’t done so well, except by a few in the back who kept their distance.

Saying Goodbye…

Today at the Deaf Development Programme we had a little farewell gathering to say goodbye to three of our staff who are leaving us. We have been blessed with good staff over the years and now will miss Kanha (L), Soeun, and Sinh.

Wrong-way Motos

So often I have mentioned that discipline and order are not strong values in Cambodian society. It is perfectly acceptable to go both ways on either side of the street as evidenced by all these motorcycles going the wrong way in the lane. Perfectly acceptable.

Health and Spirituality

Today at a priests meeting, Bishop Olivier showed us a new gym or exercise room he has set up at the pastoral center. It will be useful for the seminarians living there and also for all the guests who come for retreats and meetings.