Good Publicity

Recently DDP was contacted by a local station’s producer who wanted to do a short segment on DDP and its work.  Today he came to interview a couple of our staff and one of the deaf students.  We hope to see the results on air in a few days!

The producer first interviewed our DDP director, Keat Sokly, and then he sat down with Korn Maly (pictured here), the manager of our Sign Language Project.
Then the producer filmed one of our deaf students answering questions about her experience at the Deaf Development Programme.

Advent…with signs of Christmas

At World Vision, we rent their hall and so have to set up for mass every week and decorate the room with banners, candles, etc.  When Fr. Bob Wynne was here, he made sure that the seasons were kept distinct and arranged all the changes in colors, banners, etc.  Now that he is gone, things sometimes go awry.

Here is a picture of our Advent Wreath as we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Advent.  That’s great.  But on the pillar behind the wreath, is a Christmas wreath, a decoration that shouldn’t have gone up yet.  Today we were supposed to have violet banners hanging on all the pillars but….

Christmas 2018: Maryknoll Tree

Every year at the Maryknoll office we put up a large Christmas tree that was given us several years back by a departing family.  In the recent past, Fr. Bob Wynne did most of the work setting in up in his free time, but this year, after his return to the US, the tree decorating became a Maryknoll community event.  We ended our usual Wednesday meeting an hour early and encouraged by some cheese and crackers and chocolate candy, the tree was set up and grandly decorated.

The tree is artificial and our guard washed it down, along with some of the other decorations, before we started decorating. Here Sr. Ann checks with the guard to see what is dry and what is still wet.
Always first to go on the tree are the lights. Here Sr. Len (kneeling) and Nancy Davies (a former lay missioner visiting Cambodia), and Hang Tran string sets of lights around the tree.
“No, no, not so high! Hang it lower!”
Sr. Mary Little, Karen Bortvedt (another former lay missioner back for a visit), Hang Tran, Fr. Kevin Conroy, Sr. Len Montiel, and Nancy Davies start to hang the ornaments and snowflakes.

New English Missals

I took 400 new English Missals to World Vision on Saturday night for that community and we rather quickly got them put into the plastic covers with the music books.

Sunday morning I took 300 English Missals to St. Joseph Church and our crew of helpers joined right in to put the missals together with the songbooks in the old plastic covers.  Here they are at work.

Human Rights Day in Cambodia

December 10th this year was the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration on Human Rights.  It’s a public holiday in Cambodia but that just means that the government schools and government offices and the banks are closed.  Everything else is open.

This is the headline on the Phnom Penh Post on Monday, December 10.  No one in the government of Cambodia would see the irony of the government forbidding–on Human Rights Day–a march celebrating human rights.   It would disrupt traffic, said the government flunky with a straight face.


To make matters worse, today, the day after Human Rights Day, the newspaper announces that Cambodians enjoy “full freedoms”—except the right to peaceful assembly, that is.

Fun Play Group at Christmas

A group of parents in the English-speaking Catholic community have formed a Fun Play Group to allow their children to meet and be friends with other children in a fun atmosphere with a little prayer and reflection to help the children grow in a positive setting.

The group met Saturday night after the evening mass and a good time was had by all!

Many of the children–basically from 7 to 12 years old–knew each other from the religious education program on Saturday mornings.  As is the norm in our church community here, no two families came from the same country.
In this pre-Christmas season, the group shared the different Christmas traditions and practices from their home country. Here Marta offers the group a Polish Christmas food.
Ann then invited everyone to sample a fruit salad that is served in the Philippines at Christmas time.
The children enjoyed getting together but so did the big kids. Here a group of mothers from five different countries get the chance to talk about Christmas and what it has meant for them and their families.

New English Missals

Because we have a multi-cultural congregation in the English-speaking Catholic community, we provide a paper missal that allows people to read the scripture readings when they are being proclaimed by the lector at mass.  For 95+% of our congregation, English is their second, third, or fourth language so sometimes they don’t catch the full meaning of only the spoken word.

The new English Missals for the church’s new liturgical year got lost this year.  They were shipped from Ho Chi Minh City on 14 November but we didn’t pick them up here until last Wednesday.  Then today I took 400 of them in a tuk-tuk to World Vision where we have our Saturday night mass in their auditorium.