The Last Supper

Every Wednesday the Cambodia Mission Team of Maryknoll has a meeting and a liturgy and then a meal together. This week was Fr. Bob Wynne’s last time to be with us before he departs for a new assignment in the United States so today’s gathering was special as members of the CMT expressed their appreciation for his presence and his work and wished him well in his new work.

Bob was the presider at the liturgy we celebrated today.


At the end Sr. Ann Sherman (standing) formally thanked Bob and presented him with some small gifts (easy to carry in his suitcase!) to remind him of his time in Cambodia.

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Buying a Car

Things are different in the Kingdom of Wonder.  This used car lot doesn’t look much like used car lots in the U.S.   And probably in the U.S. the whole family wouldn’t come to buy what is most likely their first four-wheel vehicle.  This family may have come on the motorcycle in the foreground.  Now they’re negotiating a price for an SUV.

Cambodian Government 7

Today’s Khmer Times newspaper has this article about a woman jailed for throwing a shoe at a billboard image of the prime minister!  The prime minister regularly reminds the people that he is not a dictator and government spokesmen repeat again and again the claim that human and civil rights are respected.  Does this look anyone has freedom of speech?  Basically it shows how weak and insecure the current government is when they feel they need to prosecute such a trivial event.

DDP Phnom Penh Staff

Every month we have a celebration for those whose birthdays are that month and today we celebrated September–and also added two staff who are finishing their time at DDP.  Working with a young and lively staff is one of the benefits of the management job at DDP.

The September-birthday people gather with their cake!
Then it’s always appropriate to have a group photo that captures most of the staff at the DDP office on a given day.
And then the young women decide, why not a photo just of us?