A Sign of the Times

Until very recently a sign like this one would have been unthinkable in Cambodia where credit cards are not very common.  Within the last five years or so, there were only one or two high-end hotels that would accept Visa and MasterCard and American Express.  And even as a few other establishments began to accept cards, they did so with a 3% to 5% surcharge for their graciousness in allowing you to use your plastic.  Today you will see more foreigners using credit cards, but for the most part they seem to be using them to make money withdrawals from their home bank accounts so they can then pay their bills here with cash.

A Touch of Class

Many eateries in Phnom Penh are little mom-and-pop operations right on the street with the barest of utensils, furniture, and hygiene.  And then there are a few places like this–it’s almost on the street; I’m sitting on the back of a motorcycle–that are part of the city decor but do it with a sense of style.

Friends Old and New

Today was a day of welcome at our weekly Maryknoll meeting and liturgy.  Sr. Regina Pellicore (L) was with us from 1995-2010 when she went to Maryknoll, New York as the treasurer for the Maryknoll Sisters.  Now she has returned to be with us again.

Kylene Fremling (C) is a new Maryknoll Lay Missioner who has just arrived in Cambodia.  Kylene met us in Thailand for last week’s gathering for a retreat and meetings and now she begins her assignment in Cambodia.

Judy Santmire (R) is an old friend of Maryknoll who was with us for several years and then returned to the United States.  Now she is back to be with us again.

Welcome to you all!