Musica Felice

Today the choral group Musica Felice presented their summer concert. Many of their members are from the English Catholic community and a special addition to this program was blind and deaf young people, including deaf students from the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme. Click here to see pictures from the performance.

Where can we go?

For over a year the English Catholic community has been considering different options for our services on the weekend: how many liturgies, in what venues, at what times, etc. Today our committee looked at a university lecture room that was suggested as a possible mass site.

Tangkok Pilgrimage

During the Pol Pot era, the Cambodian bishop and other men and women leaders of the Catholic Church in the kingdom died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Their case has been presented to Rome for official recognition as martyrs. Every year a memorial service is held in Kampong Thom Province where most of them died. Click here for pictures from this year’s ceremony.