US Trip: Day 5

Every October the Board of Directors of the Maryknoll Lay Missioners meets at MKLM headquarters in Ossining, New York.  Here is an account of the trip to New York and meetings and then on to Louisville for a visit with the family.

US Trip 1

My schedule is not working out!  I haven’t had any time at all to sit down and work on this website.  Too many meetings, planned and unplanned.

I can give you a note on the vehicles used coming here.  I was thinking after I arrived about them:

  • Motorcycle taxi to the Phnom Penh airport (carrying a suitcase)
  • Four jumbo jets from Phnom Penh to Bangkok to Tokyo to San Francisco to Newark.
  • An airport bus from Newark to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan
  • a MetroNorth train to Croton-Harmon
  • A taxi from Croton-Harmon to Maryknoll in Ossining, NY

The about took a total of 43 hours from take-off in Phnom Penh.

Where is he?

Greetings…   I just arrived at Maryknoll, New York early this morning after almost two days of travel.  We had some delays because of Air Traffic Control and the trip took longer than usual.  I hope to get accounts of this trip online very quickly!

Taiwan Meeting 6

This week (October 2-6) the Asia Region of the Maryknoll Society (the priests and brothers) is having a meeting in Taoyung, Taiwan for all the Asia members.

Sunday (October 1) — Travel Day
• Monday (October 2) — Travel and Opening of Meeting
• Tuesday (October 3) — First Meeting Day
• Wednesday (October 4) — Second Meeting Day
• Thursday (October 5) — Third Meeting Day
• Friday (October 6) — Travel Day