Maryknoll in Hua Hin #7

The retreat time is over and today was a full-day meeting of the Maryknoll Mission Gathering in which we looked at issues among our countries and strategize how we can work together and support each other.

Joining us at the center the last two days are the advance group of the sisters of Our Lady of the Mission, a sisters group who will have their chapter meeting at the center after we leave.
In lieu of traditional verbal reports, each country was asked to prepare a poster with photos and issues and concerns to portray the realities in their mission area.
We looked at the posters and then discussed common themes and areas where we converged and diverged.
John Beeching comments on some of the ideas he noticed in the posters.
Helen O’Sullivan, Marj Humphrey, and Tom O’Brien gave leadership reports on the status of the sisters, lay missioners, and priests and brothers .
After lunch Larry Radice made his annual presentation updating us on issues of environmental concern.
Then there were discussion in small groups about our response to the condition of the Earth.
Then we had to address some routing business issues. One of those was choosing a speaker for our gathering in 2022, and we used a process called Instant Process Selection to speed up and simplify the selection.
Not part of our meeting, this interloper alighted on a nearby tree for a brief period of observation of the goings-on.