Maryknoll in Hua Hin—#3

Today was the second day of the retreat with Sr. Kathleen Duffy.

Fr. Tom O’Brien greets the new morning.
This year we only have 37 persons attending this Hua Hin gathering. In the past we have had as many as 100 but some have died, some have returned to missions in the United States, and some of the teachers in China did not come this year.
Sr. Kathy Duffy presenting.
Sr. Kathy spoke of Teilhard de Chardin’s development of our yearning for the divine and finding it through nature. We were invited to experience some aspect of nature on the spacious grounds of the Salesian center.
Jonathon giving feedback on his experience with nature at the center.
During the break Maria, Julia, Susan, and Rosalva discussed their experiences.
Olga, Kathy, Al, and Simone singing the opening song at mass.
Communion time at the liturgy before lunch.
The kitchen staff make a Thai version of Vietnamese pho that has been a big hit with our group.
This evening the Asia Maryknoll Lay Missioners went out to dinner together, especially to welcome Julie Lawler (2R) to the group and the region.