Maryknoll in Hua Hin #1

7 January 2020—Travel Day

Every year Maryknollers from different countries in Asia come together for a workshop/retreat and meetings in Hua Hin in southern Thailand. Today everyone gathered in Bangkok and then traveled south in five vans.

My flight departed from Phnom Penh at 6:10 AM and I was in an autorickshaw like these at 4:15 AM to head to the airport. Phnom Penh is quiet at that time.
I had planned to take a later flight to Bangkok but needed to have a medical consultation at BNH Hospital where I have been going for the last twenty years so I changed to the first flight of the day.
After the hospital I ate lunch and then walked to the Bangkok Christian Guest House were Sr. Kathleen Duffy (R), our presenter this year, was having lunch and getting to know Sr. Rosalva and Fr. Larry Radice.
At 1:00 PM we were on the road and then after two hours we stopped for a rest break. That was about half way to Hua Hin.
There are all kinds of food shops at this rest area, something to fit every taste, but the seating opportunities leave much to be desired.
Finally the vans arrived at the Salesian Retreat Center in Hua Hin and we unloaded everything.
It’s always nice to be back at the retreat center–and with a group of really wonderful people.
We arrived later than planned because of traffic outside of Bangkok and it was only a short time before we ate dinner.
Sr. Regina Pellicore (R) did a lot of the organizing for this gathering and gave a brief introduction to our program and the center after we ate.