Today was the fourth day of the retreat about Teilhard de Chardin and mysticism.

Joe Thaler from Nepal makes a comment in the morning session with Sr. Kathy.
At the break Arlene Sale worked on a poster showing the ministries of Maryknoll in Thailand.
After the break, in a small group, James Havey explained a drawing
illustrating the idea of “Who am I?”
Participants leaving the meeting room after the morning session.
Two workmen came to do maintenance on the new (to us) elevator that was installed since our last visit here in 2019. The elevator is appreciated by those who feel the advance of years, especially when going up and down the stairs.
After lunch a group of us walked down to the beach on the Gulf of Thailand. (L-R): Tom O’Brien, Larry Radice, Joe Thaler, and Hang Tran.
Kite surfing is popular on the Hua Hin beach, and this year the surfers are using a modified board that has just a slim hydrofoil under the water.
The array of colorful kites for surfing makes an interesting display along the horizon.
The social hour before dinner is always a pleasant time.