Salesian Girls Vocational Training Center: Christmas Bazaar

The Salesian Vocational Training Center for Girls in Phnom Penh has an annual Christmas Bazaar. It is partly a fund-raising activity and partly an opportunity for the young women to plan and put together a group project.

Salesian Christmas bazaar

These young women are offering one of the many food selections available at the stalls set up in the school’s courtyard.


Salesian Christmas bazaar

These girls were making all kinds of fruit drinks.


Salesian Christmas bazaar

Sugar cane juice is a very popular drink Cambodia but someone has to scrape the bark off the canes.


Salesian Christmas bazaar

Here is the dining area where people go after visiting the different food stalls.



This little girl is waiting for the afternoon performance to begin.

CCAMH 25th Anniversary

Center for Children and Adolescent Mental Health

On 9 December 2016 the Caritas Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health celebrated their 25th anniversary.  Started and directed by Dr. Bhoomikhumar Jegannathan, it is the only mental health facility for children in the country and has done wonderful work.


Center for Children and Adolescent Mental Health

Every ceremony in Cambodia starts with a blessing dance.  What was unusual this day was having dancers in wheelchairs.  Just as young girls in the United States dream of being a cheerleader, so young girls in Cambodia want to be an apsara dancer but that is not an option for most young women with disabilities.  These women are fortunate to be connected to the Jesuit program for disabilities in Battambang Province.


Center for Children and Adolescent Mental Health

Bishop Kike, the head of Caritas Cambodia, speaks to a young woman who has participated in the church’s program for people with disabilities.



After the not-too-long presentations, all the guests and the children at the center with their parents were invited to a lunch served in the center’s well-designed center courtyard.

The Bishop Visits

Bishop Olivier at St. Joseph Church

This past weekend Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler, MEP, came to both our Saturday night liturgy at World Vision and our Sunday morning mass at St. Joseph Church.  It was good to have him with us as a reminder that the English-speaking community is part of the Church of Phnom Penh.  Here he gathers with our choir and musicians after mass on Sunday morning.