The day began with morning prayer as usual and after breakfast several of the participants shared their experience of life in mission.  Then there was a concluding liturgy and lunch and then departure back to mission countries.

After three of the participants talked about their experience of life in mission, it was time for the concluding liturgy.


Fr. Bob Piche, a long-standing friend of the lay missioners, preached at the liturgy.


Our musicians were active these days.  Cesar and Meding played guitar, Sami was on the flute, and Betty and Diover provided vocal support.


After communion there was a presentation of a mission cross to each of the participants.


Then there was a recognition of the whole planning and organizing team who put together this really profitable forum.


Then there was the inevitable group photo.


Finally there was a presentation of traditional Khmer dance.  These older girls performed a blessing dance.


A group of younger girls performed another simpler traditional dance.


Finally it was time to eat lunch and shortly afterwards people were on their ways to various posts in Cambodia and throughout Asia.