On the road again….

In two hours I head to the airport and to Maryknoll, New York for a meeting with the Maryknoll Lay Missioners.   I leave here Sunday morning, New York time, and arrive Monday night, New York time.  I had thought I would have a chance to post something more here before I go, but it looks now like I cannot add anything here until I get to New York.

Trinkets to Go

Every Sunday morning this woman sits in the same place selling the same little trinkets made of bronze and ivory and luxury woods.  They are statues of elephants and Buddha, rings, and just an assortment of things.  There are no tourists here but there is always a Khmer person perusing the objects.  Maybe it’s just a nondescript glancing over them while chatting or maybe the person is really interested.  I don’t know.

Seasonal Fruit

It’s still pineapple season, and these, already peeled, are definitely tempting.  It looks like the pineapple seller may have stopped to negotiate a trade with the seller of the other fruit.  I don’t know what the smaller round golden fruits are nor do I know what the stack of green stuff is behind them.  This is where it really helps to have someone along who can explain in English what I’m seeing.

Khmer New Year — #5

I was surprised, the day after the official holidays ended, to see a lot of vans full of people returning to the provinces.  The night before thousands had made the opposite journey back to Phnom Penh.  Click here and scroll down to #5 to see the early morning departures.

Khmer New Year 2017 — #2

Before the deaf people and their families returned to their traditional villages to celebrate with their elders there, the Deaf Community Center had a celebration for all the deaf community the Sunday before the New Year exodus began.  Click here and scroll down to #2 to see the photos.

Good Friday — 2017

Today was both New Year’s Day for the Khmer people and Good Friday for the Christians.  Because it was a holiday the traffic was much less for those traveling to St. Joseph Church but then many people also left town for the long new year holiday.  Click here and scroll down to Good Friday to see the service.