Australia: February 27

I haven’t been as busy this week because I was not supposed to be in Perth and speaking engagements in the Perth schools had not been arranged for this week.  It is difficult to arrange special events, like a speaker, on short notice in schools.  Still I had one really good meeting with students today before I worked the rest of the day at home.

Last week we had run into two faculty from Holy Cross College in Perth and fortuitously they called us to ask if I could come to speak to their Grade 10 students about the Deaf Development Programme.
One characteristic of the Catholic schools we have visited has been their beautiful grounds and Holy Cross College was no exception.
Charlie as we prepared to head back into the city.
Later in the afternoon I walked around the neighborhood near the cathedral to find a chemist (drugstore). Once again, so much of the last century architecture has been preserved and is so attractive.