Australia: February 22

Today was split between Perth and Geraldton with visiting schools in the morning and early afternoon and then traveling to Geraldton.

On the way out this morning, I noticed that a formal dining room was set up for some luncheon meeting. The cathedral presbytery was host to formal functions in days gone by when some bishops lived a very different lifestyle.
Our first stop was St. Pius X Primary School.
I spoke to the whole primary school and the kids were great, very attentive and asking really good questions.
In the early afternoon we went to Irene McCormack Catholic College, named after a sister was killed by the Shining Path rebels in Peru in the 1990s.
Here I was talking to the older students.
From McCormack College, we head quickly to the airport for a 3: 25 PM flight–only to find that it was delayed until 7:00 PM. It was my first time to fly one of the Virgin airlines, and it was a one-hour, 300-mile hop to Geraldton.
In Geraldton I was met by Ms. Rosemary Taylor, the diocesan director for Geraldton and she brought me to the Bishop’s House where I had a nice room.