Australia: February 26

Today was a substitute activity that went really well.  I was supposed to be in Broome, W.A., this week but the flooding there washed out the roads we were to take to remote sites so I ended up in Perth again.  Anita Finneran was leading a Just Leadership Day for Caritas Australia and invited me to be part of her program, and it was a wonderful experience.

Caritas Australia does wonderful education in social justice in Australia, both through the parishes and through the Catholic schools. This activity was a justice-focused leadership day for sixth graders.
A surprise visitor to the leadership day was Wonder Woman, aka Anita Finneran, a former teacher and now a justice educator in the schools. She was….well, a wonder!
Deacon Paul Reid, my guide/host/minder during my time in Perth assisted the young people in their discussions.
I wasn’t quite as flashy as Wonder Woman, but I had a presentation to talk about Wonder Woman’s ideas from a Christian perspective.
At the end of the day, going to a local eatery for dinner, I walked through the neighborhood of the cathedral where I am staying and admired the beautiful houses Perth has preserved.