Cambodian Government:Corrupt, Incompetent 7

It’s all changed!  Earlier I noted that it has intrigued me through the years that the Cambodian government has tolerated the Cambodia Daily‘s reporting about corruption and incompetence in the government here.  That’s all stopped. 
The government has now closed down the Cambodia Daily as of 4 September 2017, supposedly for unpaid taxes.  The government is after the non-government press, foreign radio sources (e.g., VOA and RFA), foreign governments (especially the USA and the EU), and any critical NGOs.  The present government is really running scared and so now, even ten months before the national elections in July, 2018, they are criticizing, harassing, and prosecuting any opposition voices.  That is particularly true of opposition politicians who are being arrested and imprisoned on what many consider political charges rather than real offenses.

This is No. 7 of the nine examples of incompetence and corruption that appeared in the headlines of The Cambodia Daily in just two days.  In this article the Cambodian government once again prevents any ASEAN criticism of China in ASEAN statements.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Thursday, 10 August 2017