Topic: Wood #1

What I call TOPICS are different aspects of Cambodia life and culture that I think deserve a fuller treatment than just one post on this page.  Topics will have their own pages and the posts here will point to those pages.  This is the start of a Topic treatment about wood in Cambodia, a commodity that is the focus of a lot of society and is much in the news.  Click here to go to the main page about WOOD.

Topics: Street Addresses #1

An intriguing part of Cambodian life and culture is their use of house numbers. The sequence, the style and size of the numbers, the normal conventions used in other countries–that just doesn’t apply in Cambodia. Note the huge house number “78” in this photo, larger than the name of the shop. Click here for an example of the numbers along one Phnom Penh street.

Topics: Raincoats

Climate change may be a matter of debate in some circles but not in Cambodia. When I first came almost seventeen years ago, it was common wisdom that the rainy season started in May and ended at the end of September or early October. Then a few years ago I noticed it seemed to be raining later, even into late October and November. This year it’s still raining today, 14 December.

Selling disposable raincoats

Cambodian people are not known for critical thinking and planning ahead.  Even in the rainy season, when it’s almost certain that it’s going to rain, many people are out without a raincoat.  Some forget them.  Many just can’t be bothered or figure the rain will stop before they leave work.  For those who get caught, cheap disposable plastic raincoats (the multicolored packages in the upper right of the photo above) are available for about 35¢.  This mobile hawker of food has some available on his cart, and the gathering of clouds brings out numerous offerings of the raincoats stuck on poles, hung from overhangs, canopies, etc., in many of the shops along most streets.


Selling disposable raincoats

Selling disposable raincoats

Selling disposable raincoats

Topics: Car Door Protectors–Part 2

Click here for the second part of the Topic on Car Door Protectors.

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