Topics: Addresses #1

One of the interesting things about Cambodia is the almost total lack of any appreciation or need for order.  Maybe it’s the result of all the years of civil war, the Vietnam War, and then the Khmer Rouge, but discipline and a sense of what is appropriate or proper or not just don’t interfere with the Cambodian way of thinking.

For example the photos below are from a one-kilometer stretch of Street 2004, a section of road lined with dealers in used cars and trucks.  Note the house numbers for each lot.  They are listed in the order they appear along the street, side by side.  All of the numbers are on the same side of the street.  The fact that there is no order or meaning in the sequence of numbers doesn’t bother anyone.  Well…maybe me.

Note, too, the prominence of the numbers.  They have no logical meaning or indicative value, but they are larger than the name of the car dealer.  Or they replace the name of car dealer completely.  Cambodians seem to have a fascination of sorts with numbers when they are used in addresses and put on a sign.

House number 111
House number 111

House number 968B(2)

House number 8181

House number 17A

House number 108

House number 0007

House number 67

House number 203

House number 39

House number 97

House number 2222


Stayed tuned and I’ll show you some more quirks of numbers and house addresses later….