October 25-27 — Tuesday to Thursday

Monday afternoon I flew from Louisville to NYC and stayed at the Maryknoll house in Manhattan.  Early Tuesday morning I took the bus to Newark airport for the 15-hour flight to Shanghai where I had a nine-hour layover.  Then it was six hours to Bangkok where I slept in the airport till a 8:30 AM flight to Phnom Penh.  Click here.

October 23 — Sunday (Part 2)

Charlie's Angels

After the reunion mass with the family in the morning, I had another reunion, with “Charlie’s Angels,” a lovely group of ladies with whom I worked in Louisville back in the 1970s and 1980s.  Nancy Reynolds (L) and Donna Lashley (second L) I taught at Angela Merici High School; Sally Newton went to AMHS also and was part of St. Lawrence Parish where I was first assigned; Norma Lewis is the doyenne of American Sign Language interpreters in the United States; and Peg Darcy has worked with Norma and assisted with interpreting for the Catholic Deaf community for many years.  We try to get together each time I come back to the U.S.

At the Davis house

Often I stay with Mary and Mike Davis when I am in Louisville, but this trip, because their daughter was married the day before I arrived in Louisville, I stayed at the English house where we had the reunion.  After the wedding house guests had basically gone home, though, I came over to the Davis house for my last night in Louisville.  From L to R: Dennis Dittmeier (Florida), Bailey Davis, Mary Dittmeier Davis, Martha Dittmeier Reed (Ohio), Amy Davis, and Charlie, with Mike Davis seated.