Trip to Taiwan–30 October

I left Judy and Henry’s house a little before 6:00 AM and at that time of the morning was at the airport in about thirty minutes.

Before I took off, Henry got a picture of me with and old photo of me when I was 29 and working with the deaf people in Kentucky. I found it when cleaning out my stuff from my sister’s house and decided to bring it back to Cambodia where no one has ever seen me without a beard–and certainly not when I was in my 20s!
I had plenty of time at the airport and so I wandered to the end of the C Concourse where I found they had a set up that seemed to provide backgrounds for Instagram.
Eva Air is the national carrier for Taiwan–and a good one! Much better than flying United, my usual carrier.
Not exactly your typical moving map display on an aircraft but at least it shows my starting and ending points on the trip back to Cambodia.
Cambodia didn’t change while I was away. Here a woman sets up her wares at the beginning of the day.
A typical pharmacy in Phnom Penh but one that shows more than the usual French influence.

The End