Can’t get it right….

One of the most aggravating parts of life in Cambodia is the condition of the roads. Many nations have given hundreds of millions of dollars to build and maintain roads but there’s little evidence of it.

The road crews seem to have the proper equipment and materials but the roads just do not last. Within a few months, holes–actual holes leading to hollowed out areas under the pavement–are appearing along with the more common potholes. Probably the paving companies are making lots of money by cutting corners. Instead of putting down three to four inches of asphalt they probably put down one inch. The inspectors let them do it and no one holds the companies accountable when the roads deteriorate.

We’re talking major holes when they appear. This one is fifteen inches wide and just as deep. The approved method of road repair is to stick whatever is handy in the hole to warn motorists of the hazard.