Cambodian Government: Corrupt, Incompetent

The scale and pervasiveness of corruption and incompetence in the Cambodian government is really staggering.  The Kingdom of Wonder indeed.  An outsider would have a hard time understanding how bad things are.  To help such an outsider grasp the enormity of the situation here, look at these selections from articles in two editions of The Cambodia Daily this week.  To me it is really interesting that the government seems to ignore what the Daily prints.  The government regularly intimidates, threatens, imprisons, beats, shoots, kills critics and opposition people and yet the English newspapers seem to get away printing some really strong—truthful–articles that paint the government in a most obvious bad light.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Thursday, 10 August 2017

  • Ministry Vows to Stop Illegal Thai Border Crossings
  • Authorities, Village Residents Set for Clash in Angkor Park
  • Court Upholds ‘Espionage’ Charge for Australian Filmmaker
  • Cambodia Urges Patience in Making ASEAN, N Korea Statements
  • Indigenous Groups Call for Respect, Land Titles on UN Day
  • Gov’t Officials, Plainclothes Police Crash Village Protest Meeting