Tree Lighting Ceremony

On the day after Thanksgiving, the Maryknoll team was invited to the Sokha Hotel for their Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the beginning of the hotel’s holiday season.  We were invited because one of our former students is now working at the hotel.

Sokha HotelThe program began with some Christmas carols sung by the children in blue shirts, from a children’s organization that had its roots in Maryknoll fifteen years ago.  The Christmas tree was set up in the main lobby of the hotel which is quite impressive because of its size.


Sokha Hotel

Other music was provided by a professional tenor and then the songs sung by the choir above, most of whom are Filipino choir members from the English Catholic community.

DDP Annual Staff Meeting–Day 4

ret-25-10smI had to miss most of Day 4 with the group because I had to return early in the morning to Phnom Penh to be home for a special occasion this evening.  I was only able to get a few photos before I left in the morning and will depend on some other staff to supplement those with pictures they took during the day while I was in the van coming home. Here are my pictures from the morning before our departure and the others will come as soon as I get them.  Click here and then click on Friday for the first batch.

DDP Annual Staff Meeting–Day 3

Keat Sokly and Tay VannarithToday was the last full day of the annual staff meeting and it was definitely a full day.  In the morning we talked about what it means to be a deaf-centered organization and how to achieve that, and then in the afternoon we talked about personal goals and a goal for DDP. Click here to see the photos and text I could not add last night.