NTID Visit

Last week our visitors to DDP were from Finland and today they were from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York.  Chris Kurz and Tommie Sarchet (white sweater) came to discuss training for teachers in deaf education, something that is greatly needed in Cambodia.

ANM (Sunday)

After two days in Kampong Cham Province, Kalle returned really excited about the video he shot there and his experience with the deaf community outside of Phnom Penh.  Then he returned to the Deaf Community Center in Phnom Penh to film more with the local deaf populace.  Click here to see today’s activities and then scroll down to Sunday.

ANM (Thursday)

Yesterday was spent sitting around the meeting table but this morning was spent shooting video for the seven short films Kalle is making.  Then in the afternoon the meetings resumed.  Click here and then scroll down to Thursday.

ANM (Wednesday)

The Deaf Development Programme office was closed today for the celebration of Women’s Day, a public holiday in Cambodia, but Johanna Karinen met with Keat Sokly and Charlie Dittmeier all day long, away from the office.  And Johanna was joined by two colleagues who arrived from Finland.  Click here and scroll down to Wednesday.

ANM (Monday)

Every year a project coordinator from the Finnish Association of the Deaf comes to Cambodia for a week of Annual Negotiations Meetings (ANM) about the FAD’s funding of the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme.  Johanna Karinen, FAD’s representative, arrived yesterday and we began our meetings today.  Click here.