Asian Deaf Catholic Conference 6

The next day was a cruise out to an island in the Java Sea north of Jakarta.

All 150 of the ADCC participants were on this boat for a 1 1/2 hour cruise to Pramuka Island. Passengers had a choice of the open upper deck or the air conditioned lower deck.
Just after getting off the ferry, everyone was offered a coconut to drink.
One half the group then took a smaller boat to go snorkeling in a shallow area of the Java Sea but I was in the other group that went to a mangrove rehabilitation center where we planted a mangrove cluster that protects the island from erosion by the sea.
Then we walked to a sea turtle preserve where the seven different species of sea turtles were shown and a park ranger explained their turtle conservation efforts.
Then it was back to Jakarta and we had a special dinner at a seafood restaurant before heading back to the retreat center.