Asian Deaf Catholic Conference 3

After visiting the National Monument, the three buses went to the Jakarta Cathedral for a mass with the cardinal of Jakarta.

When we arrived at the cathedral, we had a tour of the cathedral museum, a game, and a short prayer at an outside grotto, and then another box lunch. We had a lot of box meals as we traveled around over three days.
The liturgy was complex with many ministers and participants, but it was well planned by a very competent staff.
At the end, Fr. Park Min Seo showed a video made by Cardinal Bo of Myanmar, welcoming our group on behalf of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences. Fr. Park was using sign language and I was interpreting that into spoken English. Other interpreters listened to my English and then interpreted the thoughts into their national sign languages.
Then the cardinal and all the ADCC 3 priests posed for pictures with these ministers and then with each of the national groups. I am wearing an ear piece connected to my phone which was connected to Zoom and a service that translated spoken Indonesian Bahasa into English.