Exchange Square Concert

Musica Felice held their most recent concert–an event to benefit the Deaf Development Programme–at Exchange Square Mall in Phnom Penh, a change of venue from the usual 5-star hotel setting. It was quite a new experience for our deaf students in various ways.

Our students arrived early in order to have time to eat before the music started. The outdoor venue was a parking lot of Exchange Square fitted out with a music stage and various stalls for food vendors.
Miwako Fujiwara, the concert organizer, gave each of the students $10 so they could buy their own food at the various stalls. That was a BIG deal for them, to have that much money and the chance to try Mexican or other new foods. Here Oula, our teacher, gave out the money.
There were several food options available from different countries but a lot of the deaf students stayed with the Khmer food they know best.
Enjoying a hamburger and tacos.
Hamburgers and quesadillas for this group.