Women’s Day 2023

The Deaf Development Programme always celebrates Women’s Day as one of its special days and this year we moved the celebration to this Sunday so more people could come from the provinces and join in the fun and camaraderie.

This was the first big celebration we had since we moved from our old office grounds where we had big open areas. Today we used the eating area for our hostel and it was cramped but not so crowded as to be uncomfortable.
Our celebrations always have an array of simple games which people really enjoy. Here a young woman flips a water bottle to see if she can make land upright. If she does her paper is stamped and she gets a prize.
Another game challenged participants to blow a ping pong ball across glasses of water.
Another game used a water gun to shoot balls off the cups.
Those who were successful at the games brought their stamped games slips here to claim a little prize.
The games were fun but perhaps the most enjoyable part of the day was eating lunch together and then just talking to and catching up with friends not seen for many months.