Hey, I paid for it!

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” is an axiom known around the world. Here in Cambodia, there are not as many opportunities for flaunting as in some other countries, but one possibility is getting a street named after you. Rich people, for a $300,000 “investment” to the prime minister’s party, get a title that identifies them as a rich supporter of the ruling party and gets their name placed on the street sign.

It can get a bit ridiculous. In the U.S., you might see “Jefferson Street” or some such on the corner sign, but take a look at this Phnom Penh street sign: “Samdech” is the first of the titles and honorifics the man has bought and of course they ALL have to be on the sign. It makes the lettering too small to be read but so what? This isn’t about helpful signage!