Wiring in Cambodia

It’s a bit of a mystery why light switches and AC outlets in Cambodia are placed where they are. Most of the switch boxes are placed at shoulder level. I suspect that is simply a matter of convenience. Houses in Cambodia in the city–where they have electricity–are built of concrete with tile walls. It’s probably just easier to mount a switch receptacle in the concrete wall rather than cut and trim tiles to mount the box at a more useful level.

There is one receptacle on a wall at a more practical level and that is in the living room. Maybe it was intended that the owners would have a television nearby like we do? (Ours is not plugged in because we don’t yet have a cable connection.)

The oddest outlet placement in our new house is in my second room which right now is being used for storage until I can unpack some of the things we moved. This photo is from the doorway of the room. Note the filing cabinets.

The light switch for the room and the only AC outlet is in the rear corner of the room, near the floor! Unfortunately because of the bulk of the filing cabinets, the light switch is even more inaccessible than usual.