Lockdown Day 15

[Photo from Fresh News]

Last night China delivered another 400,000 doses of one of its vaccines. That makes a total of 1.7 million doses that Cambodia has now received from China and quite a few million more are scheduled between now and August.

Recent Developments

  • After learning that some households no longer can cook food at their homes, Bishop Olivier’s aid program has changed its approach. Instead of delivering bulk quantities of food to individual families, the program is now bringing 500 lunch boxes each day to four locations.
  • We have had great problems paying our staff at the Deaf Development Programme. We have the money. It’s just that we pay by direct deposit, but because of the travel restrictions the police will not let us go to our office to fill out the authorizations for the bank to distribute the money. We will try again tomorrow.
  • The Catholic archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has donated four million face masks to the church in the Phnom Penh diocese.