Bangkok Trip–Day 3 (Pt 3)

These are just interesting scenes from the trip to the airport

I switched from the sangtau to the BTS, the elevated Bangkok Sky Train.
There is great respect given to the king in Thailand. Here his picture appears on a display in the BTS carriage.
I went to the Silom Road area where there is a daily night market but it was too early. Just a few shops were starting to set up and I wasn’t able to look for a cheap watch.
There was a cart full of colorful piggy banks ready for display
but I wasn’t interested.
As I went back to the BTS I passed this large and elaborate spirit house
set up along Silom Road to placate the spirits
displaced from their lands by all the commercial development.
Then it was a one-hour bus ride back to Don Mueang airport
and the AirAsia flight to Phnom Penh, just 55 minutes.