Bangkok Trip–Day 3 (Pt 2)

I had planned to meet with some experts on deaf-blindness today but they didn’t answer my e-mails and I ended up with a free day that gave me a chance to catch up on some work before I left the Bangkok Maryknoll house.

Sakhorn, the office manager, has worked with Maryknoll for close to thirty years and is one of those invaluable people who enable us to function reasonably well in another culture and another language. He does a little bit of everything, like fixing the computers.

This was my first time to stay at the new Maryknoll house and it turned out quite well. I was surprised that they even had a hard-wire Internet connection in the rooms. Unfortunately it was on the wall opposite the desk so I worked on a little night table and stool.

John Beeching and Tim Raible and I ate lunch together at a little food shop around the corner. Here Tim pays the bill.

Then it was time to head to the airport. I was interested in exploring the non-taxi transportation so I caught a songtau (truck with bench seats) for eight baht (about 30ยข).