So you can’t see it! What’s the problem?

This photo has some remarkable elements. It’s not remarkable that one of the motorcycles waiting at the red light is across the double yellow line. It is remarkable that ONLY one is over the line because the two lanes have a row of motos in front and culturally it is not acceptable to stop behind anyone so the only place to stop is in the opposing lane. It’s not remarkable that the second motorcycle is running the red light. It is remarkable that ONLY one moto is going through the red light.

What is most remarkable is that any of the vehicles have stopped. Notice you can’t see the stop light. It’s hidden by the trees and thick bundle of utility wires. In other countries that would be grounds for moving the light, trimming the trees, or rerouting the wires, but in Cambodia it’s a non problem. Who cares if you can see the light or not? Traffic signals are optional to begin with. If you want to stop, you stop. If you don’t want to stop, you don’t.