A Change in Diet

Life in the boonies, in Cambodia’s rural areas, and life in the cities is quite different in many ways.  Some of them are to be expected, e.g., not needing to be available every day in late afternoon to bring the cow back from the fields.  Other characteristics of city life are less obvious, e.g., eating more meat in the city.  Many of the rural population are really poor and just can’t afford meat.  If they do have it, it’s probably just a few times a week at larger meals.  But in the cities, these vendors are everywhere, and at meal times hundreds of them are grilling fish and chicken and beef and pork on the streets.  Buying meat for a family meal is a relatively expensive proposition.  Buying a kabob snack or even making a meal of meat for one person costs much less and might seem much more do-able for the passersby on the streets of Phnom Penh.