Topics: Oranges

I have mentioned before that one of the ways to tell the seasons here is to note which fruits are being offered on the street.  That’s one of the only real indicators since it’s always hot and everything is always blooming.  Now it’s the turn of the oranges to appear.  Most of them are from Battambang, renowned for oranges, and they are all green in color, not orange.  They are good, though, and once in season, many vendors are selling the oranges by the kilo (about $1.75) or as bottles of freshly squeezed orange juice.

This young man is squeezing orange juice right on the street.
Selling oranges is not difficult. All that is needed is the small platform, six or eight inches off the ground, that is widely used. And then if you are selling orange juice, too, you need the squeezer and the cooler to keep the juice cold.
This woman has already been hard at work and has her orange juice out on display.
This man has lots of oranges and lots of empty bottles piled up behind him, and probably the family is inside squeezing the juice.