Hua Hin Meetings (Wednesday)

The retreat ended yesterday and today we started the meeting portion of our gathering in Hua Hin.  The morning was given to an exercise we called Open Spaces where people were allowed to post topics that were listed on the board and people were free to choose which topic session they would like to attend.  Participation was rather sparse, partly because Obama was giving his farewell address as president.  In the afternoon all the Maryknollers from all the different countries met as Maryknoll Asia South to discuss and plan retreats and schedules for the next two years.  Click here for some photos.

Christmas Day 2016

There was a lot going on in this past week after Christmas and I forgot to post anything here about the Maryknoll Christmas Day, after I posted some photos from the streets on Christmas Day.

This was Christmas Eve, at the auditorium of World Vision where we have our Saturday evening masses.  This is before the flowers were added but the setting is basically simple there because we have to carry things to and from World Vision each time we want to use them.


Christmas Day 2016

This is after mass on Christmas morning at St. Joseph Church, our second site for the English-speaking Catholics.  Every month we have coffee and doughnuts after mass on the third Sunday of the month but this month we moved it to Christmas Day to make it special.  Also adding to the festiveness was the choir (a lot of the red shirts) who sang Christmas carols while people drank their coffee and chatted.

In the evening on Christmas Day we gathered at the Maryknoll office for our community celebration, the nineteen Maryknollers plus a few others who work with us.

Christmas Day 2016
There was no rush so there was time to chat.
Sr. Len, Miyuki, Fr. Kevin, and Meding.
Back in the kitchen, Savoeun and Fr. Bob were preparing the turkeys.
Christmas Day 2016
Finally it was time to eat.