US Trip: Day 7

This was a flexible Sunday, things to do but no strict schedule.  It got off to an unexpected start when I slept later than usual.  I knew I was really tired from the past week and didn’t set an alarm but had thought I would wake up earlier than I did.

I missed the early mass at the Church of Our Savior on Park Avenue but was able to attend one later in the morning.
I was curious what Trump Tower was doing to traffic in the neighborhood and walked the 1.1 miles to the Tower. 56th Street is completely blocked all the time and there are many barricades around for blocking other streets when DJT is in town.
The building itself (the dark brown glass one) isn’t bad architecturally.
On the way back to 39th Street I was going to stop for evening prayer at St Patrick’s Cathedral but there was a Spanish mass going on.
Outside the cathedral I saw this couple signing in British Sign Language.
A scene along Fifth Avenue.