Over the past few years, as I have aged I have developed spots or lesions on the skin that the dermatologist said could develop into skin cancer. He recommended removing them with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). Here are some photos from my last visit to the dermatologist which also give some glimpses of Cambodian medical culture.

I usually try to get to the doctor early in the morning. This doctor starts at 7:30 AM. Because of Covid, he moved his waiting area out on to the sidewalk, and even though Covid is much less a concern now, his patients still wait on the street.
This is inside the real waiting room. Notice the heavy, luxury-wood chairs. They are a sign in every business that you “have arrived,” that you are successful. They certainly don’t contribute anything to comfort. I bet your doctor doesn’t have fine chairs like these! The picture on the wall is the dermatologist with his wife (also a doctor) with the prime minister.
This is the rest of the waiting room. Notice all the wooden chairs and statues and other objects.
This is a cryotherapy gun that shoots liquid nitrogen on to the spot or mark to be removed. The temperature of the nitrogen in the gun is -320ºF!