No mailman

After I wrote an article for the Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese of Louisville family, former students, and others donated to help pay for our work with refugees here. I wanted to write a personal thank-you to them but we have had no outgoing mail since it stopped in May, 2020 because of Covid. I decided to write the thank-yous and send them by courier to Louisville where my sister would drop them in a mailbox. Yesterday I contacted UPS here and they wanted $92 to send the letters; DHL wanted $82. I then went to Express Mail Service of the post office and sent them for $37. But after I paid, the clerk told me it would take five to ten days to get to the US!

Oh, well….at least my investment years ago in Forever stamps paid off. I bought them for 32¢, I believe, and now they cost 60¢+.