New Wheels

For many years the mainstay of local transportation was walking. Then wheeled vehicles appeared on the scene. Some day I’ll do a spread on the stages of development in transportation in Cambodia, but today I want to show the most recent transport mode: What in India is called an autorickshaw or an autorick.

They first appeared in Cambodia three or four years ago. imported from India, and immediately became very popular. One reason is that most of them run on LPG (liquid propane gas), not gasoline, and LPG is about half the price of gasoline. What that meant is that everyone who used to ride on the back of a motorcycle taxi can now ride in a motor tuk-tuk with more comfort, protection from the sun and rain, and no need to carry a helmet.

The Bajaj brand tuk-tuk was probably the first to be imported from India and remains the most common model in use in Phnom Penh.

The TVS model may be the second-most popular one on the streets. The models are all basically the same.

Piaggio may be the next most commonly seen model of the three-wheelers. Notice the more elaborate tail lights.

The Atul is the fourth of the original brands seen on the streets. Notice there isn’t the great need, as in car models, to be different and distinctive.