USA Trip 2022

Monday, 12 September

This trip, first schedule for May and canceled then and again in June because of my surgery and Covid, finally started today. It began shortly after midnight when a flight on Korean Airlines departed for Seoul. Here people are checking in about 11:00 PM on Sunday night.
We had a 5.5 hour flight to Seoul and an almost two-hour layover, and there we boarded this Airbus 380 bound for New York City. Notice it is a two-deck aircraft, very new and very efficient and comfortable to fly.
This picture was taken in New York City as we landed at JFK airport. For some reason the A380 had to be towed to a parking gate, and here an onboard camera looking straight down show the ground crewman hooking up the connecting rod between the aircraft and the tug, underneath the plane. The A380 has cameras on continuously, one pointing ahead to where the aircraft is going and the other pointing downwards at what is below the plane as it flies.
Because of Covid, the buses that used to carry people between JFK airport and Grand Central Station in Manhattan have been eliminated and now people must utilize a combination of an airport train and subway trains. It is not nearly as convenient as it was before.
I had to take two different subway trains but eventually reached the always impressive main concourse of Grand Central Terminal.
At Grand Central I bought a ticket for the Metro North train that goes up to Ossining, NY where Maryknoll is located. At noon time there were few passengers and it was easier to get around with my large suitcase shown behind the man’s seat.