Maryknoll Dining Room

I figured I might as well give you the tour of the rest of our present Maryknoll office–and residence for Fr. Kevin Conroy and me. Last week I showed you the kitchen. Now here is the dining room.

This dining room used to be the kitchen and beyond the door was outside, the back of the house. That is why there is such a heavy external-type door there. Through that door is the kitchen I showed you last week (17 July). When we first moved in, we kept the windows open (behind the microwave) but immediately the rats started coming into the kitchen and into the rest of the house so now we keep those windows and the heavy door closed.
This shows the other end of that wall that used to be in the kitchen but is now the dining room. Keep in mind that this room is the whole width of the house–one room wide and four stories high. You can see a row of white tiles on the wall. That used to be a concrete counter with sink that was moved outside to what is now the kitchen beyond the door. Next to the microwave you see a black dot on the wall. That is where the old water pipe came through the wall with water for the kitchen sink. The blue rubbish bin is what I use to drown the rats and mice when I catch them on glue traps. They are alive but stuck to the trap, and I just fill the bin with water and drop trap and all into it.
This is turning toward the opposite wall of the dining room. The passageway leads to the front of the house. Notice the AC outlet high on the wall next to the passageway, with an extension cord running under the dish cabinet for the fan. AC plugs in Cambodia are generally at eye level. It may be because so much of the country floods so often.
This picture continues the turn to the right and shows the stairs leading up to the second, third, and fourth floors. Notice how steep the stairs are. That is because the house is just one-room wide and they don’t want to waste any space. Also saving space is putting the downstairs bathroom under the stairs, a common feature in houses here. A downside of that is that the bathroom ceiling has the slant of the stairs and you hit your head if you stand too close to the toilet. The filing cabinets belong to the office which is quite small.