Another Farewell…

Covid-19 has changed the world so much–our plans, our hopes and dreams, the way we work, the way we do business, and–at DDP—our plan for the future. Because of Covid, we had to suspend many of our projects and activities for almost two years, but the most painful effect of Covid was needing to reduce our staff because our funding was cut back.

The last day of June we had a gathering for our staff in Phnom Penh where eight of our colleagues were terminated. It was a simple event, just a lunch together, but it gave us an opportunity to say and show we care about each other.

At the start, Soknym, our program manager, and Charlie spoke to all the staff about the need to reduce our numbers because of lack of money.
Then we had lunch together.
Finally staff were given the opportunity to talk about the experience of all the changes and the terminations.