Lockdown Day 20

Bishop Olivier (with hat) has developed a creative and aggressive campaign for food aid for people hungry because of the Covid-19 lockdown in place in Phnom Penh. Here he is at the center where they prepare rice boxes and bulk food. [Have you ever before seen a bishop carrying a pig carcass? 🙂 ]

Recent Developments

  • Yesterday the prime minister confirmed that the lockdown WILL end tomorrow–but with some restrictions still remaining. What the restrictions are, no one is certain. We have informed DDP staff that until we get more clarity they are not to return to work at the DDP office.
  • Mr Hun Sen said: “There is no reason to lockdown Phnom Penh and any province anymore. We will reopen the lockdown area, except that a province or capital can close a small area which has a high risk of coronavirus spread. The past few lockdowns were compulsory to reduce the infection and deaths of our people.” His statement makes one wonder since it is at the time when the new infection rates are the highest so far that he is ending the lockdown which is meant to reduce the spread of infections.