I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas….

The English community had a 6:30 PM Christmas Eve mass, and when we came out at 7:30 PM, it started pouring rain. The Khmer community were supposed to have a 10:30 PM mass on this stage tonight. Will they make it? It’s still raining at 9:00 PM!
This is some of the traffic caught in the rain at 7:45 PM. Most of the moto drivers on the street have cheap plastic ponchos you can buy for 37ยข. But notice all the moto drivers up under the gas station shelter. That’s the custom here…if you’re out and it starts raining, you park under the shelter to wait it out, dozens of such riders effectively shutting down the station because no one can get near the pumps. It’s OK, though…the gas stations don’t complain!