A Sad Funeral…continued

Cambodia doesn’t have funeral homes because 94% of the people are Buddhist and are cremated within twenty-four hours after the body stays at the family home overnight. Because Mr. Uchenna was to be buried, we had a funeral at the mortuary in the hospital. Mr. Bede Uwalaka was a lector for the scripture readings.
The cemetery was in the next province and it took us almost two hours to drive there. After the coffin was placed in the shallow grave, the family and friends began to fill the grave with dirt and then the job was finished by this cemetery worker.
After the grave was filled, a worker immediately smoothed out a thin concrete cover the grave.
Mr. Austin Koleyoke (right, with white shirt), the president of the Nigerian association in Cambodia, then spoke to those who had come to the cemetery and thanked them for their presence and their tribute to their deceased brother.